Welcome to 2Angels Ministries
2Angels is a non-profit organization founded to enhance the quality of life in our community through education and other resources.

About Us
2Angels was founded with the objective of creating a network of citizens who believe in reaching out to their communities and across the nations; to help alleviate some of the challenges people face in many of these impoverished areas; to help improve their quality of life and to strengthen their communities so that they may be more productive and self-sufficient.

We believe that anyone can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, regardless of their financial status. It is not how much or what you can give, but rather that you are willing to contribute something and bring hope to a hopeless person, a family in need, and change their lives for the better.

We may not be able to eliminate extreme poverty across the World, but we can start by helping one individual at a time. The measure of our society is how well we support and protect the least among us, especially our children. They are our most valuable resource. We must care for them, educate them, and most importantly, love them so that they may become secure individuals.

The critical difference is made when we as a community join and invest our time, skills and wealth to address the problems and thus become the solutions to those problems.

Our Programs
Counseling: We give a person the opportunity to share their situation in order for us to better serve them.
Feeding the Hungry: People who are fed function better emotionally and physically. We provide cooked meals to children and senior citizens with little or no income.

Literacy: As one of the most essential elements for the growth of a community, we begin by providing small adult group classes to teach them basic reading and writing skills.

Tutoring Services: In addition to teaching basic academic skills to underprivileged groups, we reach out to individual children in order that they might excel in their schoolwork.

The Closet: Provides clothing and personal hygiene items to needy families.

Children of Victory: We offer scholarships to trade schools and universities to students who wish to further their education but have no financial resources.

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